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WASP-12b spectrum with an artist's concept.

WASP-12b: The First Carbon-Rich Exoplanet

The transiting exoplanet WASP-12b is located some 870 light-years from Earth. This extremely irradiated planet orbits its Sun-like, G0 parent star in just over 26 hours, resulting in a dayside […]
Magma World: Artist's impression of UCF-1.01

UCF Discovers Two Nearby Sub-Earth-Sized Exoplanet Candidates

The UCF Exoplanets Group is pleased to announce the discovery of two new transiting planet candidates (UCF-1.01 and UCF-1.02) orbiting the red-dwarf star GJ 436.  The objects are 2/3 the diameter […]
Artist's concept of GJ 436b

GJ 436b: Where’s the Methane?

The GJ 436 system is located only 33 light-years away, in the constellation Leo.  Around a relatively small M-dwarf star, orbits the Neptune-sized planet GJ 436b.  This extrasolar planet completes one […]