Public Event Schedule

“Knights Under the Stars” Public Event Schedule

Graduate students observe the Moon at the International Observe the Moon Night event at UCF's Memory Mall

One week before each scheduled event, the event times will become clickable links to a form that you can use to register.

Please reserve your space (weather permitting) by clicking the linked time you wish to attend and completing the form. We will send you an email confirming or cancelling the event a few hours before the event time depending on whether it is too cloudy or good weather for observing.

General Info About KUTS and Robinson Observatory

  • Note that any times/dates that we do list would be the only times that are we are open to the public.
  • Groups are limited to 5 as we have extremely limited parking and limited capacity.
  • If you have any questions about KUTS, send email to RobinsonObservatory@ucf.eduHowever please do not telephone the Physics Department for info about KUTS! The only way to get info about KUTS is to send email to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about what happens at our KUTS events (at least as they were when they were in-person).
  • Directions to the observatory are available on the main observatory page
  • We strongly recommend that visitors review our safety guidelines before coming to the observatory.
  • Wondering why we don’t set up events to watch meteor showers? Have another question about the observatory? Check our FAQ.
  • Interested in making a donation to the observatory? It’s easy.

What happens at an in-person “Knights Under The Stars” event?

  • All events are at Robinson Observatory itself unless otherwise noted.
  • At a typical event, we set up a variety of portable telescopes — usually Meade LX90s with 8-inch primary mirrors — and point them at various interesting objects in the sky. Each telescope is staffed by a knowledgeable volunteer who can explain to you what you’re seeing, and answer any other questions you have. All you have to do is show up and gaze in amazement through the telescopes at the wonders of the night sky!
  • The events are free and are open all ages of UCF and non-UCF people alike. However, minors must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or chaperone!
  • As you turn on to Ara Drive and approach the observatory, if an event has already begun, we ask that you please slow down to 5 mph and turn off your headlights. Headlights  temporarily impair our guest’s night vision.
  • Parking at the observatory is limited. There are a couple of small parking lots within a 500 feet of Robinson Observatory. UCF Parking permits or virtual daily parking permits  are required. You can purchase a virtual daily permit here.
  • We strongly recommend that visitors review our safety guidelines before coming to the observatory.
  • If you have any questions about KUTS, feel free to email us at email to
Coming for AST 2002 Extra-Credit?
  • Make sure to pick up a worksheet and complete it at the event.
  • Turn in your worksheet before you leave. We’ll make sure it gets to your professor.