Contact Us

There are many ways to contact the Planetary Sciences Group. Questions and comments are welcome!

  • Want to contact us by email? This is the best choice, and by far the easiest way to get a hold of us. We strongly recommend that you use this contact method if you have a question or a comment. You can either contact a specific person directly, or just use our generic email address: . This address is checked often so you'll get a prompt response.
  • Want to contact us by telephone? Note that there is no separate Planetary Science Group telephone line. For all issues aside from Observatory-related issues, you can simply call the departmental telephone number, which is +1-407-823-2325. This number is staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays. For Observatory-related issues, please do not call the departmental number. Instead, use the email address mentioned above. The Observatory does have its own telephone number, +1-407-823-2805, so you could try that, but the Observatory is only sporadically staffed, so it is possible that no-one will be there to take your call.
  • Want to contact us by fax? Note that there is no separate Planetary Science Group fax line. The departmental fax number is +1-407-823-5112, and operates 24-hours a day. This fax can be used to direct faxes to our personnel.
  • Want to contact us by snail mail? The following address is the preferred one to use:

    Planetary Sciences Group
    Department of Physics
    Physical Sciences Building
    Building 121, Room 430
    4111 Libra Drive
    Orlando, FL 32816-2385

  • Want to contact us face-to-face? We can provide you with the directions to our offices (and a Google map to help!), and the directions to the Observatory.