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2017-18 Officers


Rachel Belton

Major: Physics

Bio: I’m a wi… physics undergraduate doing research under Dr. Del Barco. My favorite pastimes include scaring children and gardening.


Vice President

Zach Foster

Major: Physics

Bio: Why are you reading my bio? Go make good use of your time. Learn something new today. You’d be amazed what you can do in 10 seconds. Like me! Give me 10 seconds and I can lose another 20! Amazing!


Serina Motola

Major: Electrical Engineering

Bio: I want to make science fiction – science fact.



Jesse Randall

Major: Physics/Math

Bio: I guess I’m a music and hiking major who likes good physics and long maths in the mountains.


Public Relations

Alany Jaury

Major: Physics

Bio: Resident memologist. Photographer of light. Listener of EDM. Manager of @narwhal_giuseppe.


Balloon Project Lead

Braxton Lowers

Major: Biochemistry

Bio: Up up and away!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Yan Fernandez