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2017-18 Officers


Rachel Belton

Major: Physics

Bio: Rachel is a physics undergraduate doing research under Dr. Del Barco. Her favorite topics are particle physics and black holes.

Vice President

Ruben Darancou




Major: <Formerly> Interdisciplinary

Bio: Fun dude. Rock climber. Good leader.



Michael Busque

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Bio: Mikey is an aerospace engineering student and is pursuing a career in rocketry and space exploration.



Zach Foster


Bio: Why are you reading my bio? Go make good use of your time. Learn something new today. You’d be amazed what you can do in 10 seconds. Like me! Give me 10 seconds and I can lose another 20! Amazing!

Public Relations


Alexa Goldenhart

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Bio: Alexa is ??? I dont know.

Balloon Project Lead



(Not taken, available to anyone interested)



Faculty Advisor

Dr. Yan Fernandez