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2019-20 Officers



Adrian Ruiz

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Bio: I’m a small time space addict. In my freetime, I enjoy building something, launching rockets or going to Kennedy Space Center


Madam Vice President

Rachel Belton

Major: Physics

Bio: I’m a wi… physics undergraduate that kills plants in martian regolith simulant for science! My favorite pastimes include scaring children, gardening, and making others weary of my intentions.


Serina Motola

Major: Electrical Engineering

Bio: I want to make science fiction – science fact.



Jesse Randall

Major: Physics/Math

Bio: I guess I’m a music and hiking major who likes good physics and long maths in the mountains.


Public Relations

Alany Jaury

Major: Physics

Bio: Resident memologist. Photographer of light. Listener of EDM. Manager of @narwhal_giuseppe.


Balloon Project Lead

Braxton Lowers

Major: Biochemistry

Bio: Let’s see how much we can get approved for flight!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Yan Fernandez