Planetary Seminar / Journal Club Archive Page

This is the history page for the Planetary Group Seminar/Journal Club, giving a list of all the speakers we’ve had in previous semesters.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a summary of who has given presentations at this series.


# Date Who What
Spring 2022    
# Date Who What
#377 4/22 Karl Slumba & 

Nick Piskurich

Ammonium salts are a reservoir of nitrogen on a cometary nucleus and possibly on some asteroids

Lunar-like silicate material forms the Earth quasi-satellite (469219) 2016 HO3 Kamoʻoalewa

#376 4/15 ——  
#375 4/8 Peter Braunschweig Detectability of CFCs as technosignatures
#374 4/1 Autumn Shackelford & 

Kayla Schang

Carbon on Mercury (p1 & p2) & 

Habitat Design for Long Term Lunar Exploration: Benefits and Concerns with ISRU Materials and Regolith-based Construction Methods

#373 3/25 ——– no PSJC
#372 3/18 Brittany Harvison & 

Max Galloway

Life detection, exoplanets, and the Copernican principle

A Snowball in Hell: The Potential Steam Atmosphere of TOI-1266c

#371 3/11 ———  LPSC week
#370 3/4 everyone interested LPSC Practice Talks
#369 2/25 Kerri Donaldson Hanna Analyses of lunar samples returned by Chang’E 5 mission (p1 and p2)
#368 2/18 Genevieve Markees An exomoon survey of 70 cool giant exoplanets and the new candidate Kepler-1708 b-i
#367 2/11 Anish Roshi Arecibo-Green Bank-LOFAR Carbon Radio Recombination Line observations toward cold HI Clouds
#366 2/4 Christina Moraitis The Art of Combining Light with OPA- the Original PolyOculus Array
#365 1/28 —– no PSJC
#364 1/21 Dale Cruikshank Ices, Organics, and Cryovolcanism in the Outer Solar System
#363 1/14 everyone JWST and other news
Fall 2021    
#362 3 Dec Dr. Lisa Prato (Lowell)

Finding the Youngest Exoplanets and Understanding Their Formation

#361 26 Nov ———— Thanksgiving
#360 19 Nov everyone open discussion
#359 12 Nov Dan Britt Lucy
#358 5 Nov —— No PSJC
#357 29 Oct Humberto Campins Osiris-Rex updates
#356 22 Oct Open discussion Decadal survey white paper paper1 and paper2
#355 15 Oct Katie McIntyre The science case for a return to Enceladus
#354 8 Oct —– DPS
#353 1 Oct Theodora Karalidi What’s the weather really like on Luhman 16B? (paper1 and paper2)
#352 24 Sept Michael Himes The orbit of planet 9 
#351 17 Sept Mary Hinkle The Surface of (16) Psyche from Thermal Emission and Polarization Mapping
#350 10 Sept Melissa Martinot The search for lunar mantle rocks exposed on the surface of the Moon
#349 3 Sept students presenting at DPS DPS practice talks
#348 27 Aug everyone Introductions
Spring 2021    
#347 23 Apr Kenny Gordon

The Physics of Falling Raindrops in Diverse Planetary Atmospheres

#346 16 Apr —— no meeting – Spring break
#345 9 Apr David Wright thesis presentation – Simulating Systematic Errors in Exoplanetary Transits for the James
Webb Space Telescope
#344 2 Apr Katie Slavicinska Investigating Space Weathering of C-Complex Asteroids via Laboratory Simulations on Carbonaceous Chondrites ( paper 1 and 2)
#343 26 Mar Nick Piskurich Bifurcation of planetary building blocks during Solar System formation
#342 19 Mar ——— no meeting – LPSC week
#341 12 Mar Autumn Shackelford Ethics & logistics of terraforming & colonizing Mars
#339 26 Feb Stephanie Eckert Selection and Characteristics of the Dragonfly Landing Site near Selk Crater, Titan
#338 19 Feb Isabel Rivera Overview of White Papers Submitted for the Decadal Survey in Planetary Science and Astrobiology 2023-2032
#337 12 Feb Yan Fernandez Contemporaneous Multi-Wavelength and Precovery Observations of Active Centaur P/2019 LD2 (ATLAS)
#336 5 Feb Keanna Jardine Europa’s Glow
#335 29 Jan everyone General discussion
#334 22 Jan Katie McIntyre Mission concepts to Enceladus and what it takes to do astrobio at Enceladus
Fall 2020    
#332 4 Dec Space Policy, Economics, Ethics, and Societal Impacts Group (SPESIG) Colonial History and Decolonization of Planetary Science and Lunar Exploration
#331 20 Nov Addie Dove open discussion Arecibo Observatory
#330 13 Nov Vanessa Lowry A Centaur in the Gateway ( and
#329 6 Nov Brynn Presler-Marshall Cold Traps and Sunlit Regions: Recent Results on Lunar Hydration ( and
#328 30 Oct DPS week check DPS schedule on spreadsheet
#327 23 Oct Ryan Galinkin Exogenic basalt on asteroid (101955) Bennu
#326 16 Oct Mary Hinkle Thermophysical properties of the surface of asteroid 162173 Ryugu: Infrared observations and thermal inertia mapping
#325 9 Oct grad students presenting @ DPS – part II DPS practice talks
#324 2 Oct

grad students presenting @ DPS – part I

DPS practice talks
#323 25 Sep  Luisa Zambrano-Marin, Anicia Arredondo, and Amy LeBleu-DeBartola Venus mission planning workshop
#322 18 Sep Michael Himes

Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus

#321 11 Sep

Amy LeBleu-DeBartola

Food in Space
#320 4 Sep Jenny Larson Assessing the risk of potentially hazardous asteroids through mean motion resonances analyses – Li et al (2019)
Spring 2020    
 #318 Apr. 17  Allison Wing (FSU) Hurricanes and climate
#317 Apr. 10 Ryan Galinkin Is the Late Heavy Bombardment Real? (
#316 Apr. 3 Kenny Gordon The Possibility of Exomoons Around Giant Exoplanets ( and )
#315 Mar. 27  Jaydeep Mukherjee NASA Opportunities for students through the Florida Space Grant Consortium
#314  Mar. 20  ——— (would be) LPSC week
#313 Mar. 13  ——— SPRING BREAK
 #312 Mar. 6 Katie Slavicinska Evidence for Proteogenic Peptide-like Sequences in Meteorites Through an Enzyme-Catalysed Stereoselective Hydrolysis Strategy
#311  Feb. 28  Michael Himes Atmospheric Erosion by Giant Impacts onto Terrestrial Planets (
#310 Feb. 21 Mary Hinkle Characterizing Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov ( and
 #309 Feb. 14  open discussion  
#308 Feb. 7  Kevin Ortiz (UPR) Mapping the Habitable Universe from Puerto Rico
#307 Jan. 31 Stephanie Eckert lead discussion on
#306 Jan. 24  Carolyn Knowles 2020 NASA Fellowship Activity and 2020 International Astronautical Congress
 #305 Jan. 17  Jennifer Larson Uncovering the Origins of the Sudbury Impact Basin Through Analysis of Geological Formatios
Fall 2019
 #304 Dec. 6  Vanessa Lowry Comet 2I/Borisov
#303   Nov. 22  Isabel Rivera First Results from TESS Observations of Comet 46P/Wirtanen
#302  Nov. 15 Humberto Campins  OSIRIS REx
#301  Nov. 8    Anicia Arredondo  Pluto’s far side (Stern+2019)
#300  Nov. 1  Kerri Donaldson Hanna Taking the Temperature of the Moon: Current and Future Observations
#299  Oct. 25  —- Cancelled due to room unavailability
#298 Oct. 18  —- no PSJC
#297 Oct. 11   Adam Burgasser (UC San Diego) The Brown Dwarf-Exoplanet Connection: Atmospheres, Host Stars and the End of the Main Sequence
#296 Oct. 4 —- no PSJC
#295 Sept. 27 Keanna Jardine Possible explosion crater origin of small lake basins with raised rims on Titan (Mitri+2019)
#294 Sept. 20  No meeting DPS
#293 Sept. 13 Open discussion (Katie McIntyre lead) First detection of water vapor on a habitable zone exoplanet (Benneke+2019 and Tsiaras+2019)
#292 Aug. 30  Open discussion (Stephanie Jarmak lead) Open discussion & Europa missions
Spring 2019
#291 Apr. 19 Humberto Campins  New results from OSIRIS-REx
#290 Apr. 12  Charles Schambeau The first active red Centaur (Mazzotta Epifani et al. 2018, A&A)
#289 Apr. 5 Vanessa Lowry  The Lucy mission
#288 Mar. 29 Theodora Karalidi The Kepler-107 system: evidence for a giant impact event on an exoplanet (Bonomo et al. 2019)
#287 Mar. 22 No Meeting  LPSC
#286 Mar. 15 No Meeting  Spring Break
#285 Mar. 8 Isabel Rivera  Dragonfly: A Rotorcraft Lander Concept for Scientific Exploration at Titan (Lorenz et al. 2018)
#284 Mar. 1 Jennifer Larson The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ejecta
#283 Feb. 22 Freeform  Round-up of recent advancements
#282 Feb. 15 Amy LeBleu-DeBartola A survey of Space laws and ethics
#281 Feb. 8 Wesley Chambers A story of regolith told by Lunar Penetrating Radar (Zhang et al. 2019, Icarus)
#280 Feb. 1 Ana Carolina NASA Lucy Mission: How ground-based observations can support the exploration of primitive objects in the Solar System
#279 Jan. 25 Stephanie Jarmak QUEST: A New Frontiers Uranus Orbiter Mission Concept from the 30th Annual JPL Planetary Science Summer Seminar
#278 Jan. 18  Freeform (Zoe Landsman lead)  Science news
Fall 2018
#277 Nov. 30 Adriana Marais (SAP Africa, Foundation for Space Development South Africa)  The Allure of the Unknown (life’s origin, life off Earth, life elsewhere)
#276 Nov. 23 No meeting Thanksgiving
#275 Nov. 16 Gal Sarid ‘Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft. Again. (Bialy & Loeb 2018, arXiv link)
#274 Nov. 9 Everybody (Addie Dove lead)  Discussion with graduate students
#273 Nov. 2 Anicia Arredondo  Composition of Pluto’s small satellites: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images (Cook et al. 2018, Icarus – Journal)
#272 Oct. 26 No Meeting DPS Meeting
#271 Oct. 19 Group  DPS: Oral and Poster presentation preparation
#270 Oct. 12 Stephanie Eckert  Tectonic patterns of shortening landforms in Mercury’s northern smooth plains (Crane & Klimczak 2019, Icarus – Journal)
#269 Oct. 5 Ryan Challener Confirming Variability in the Secondary Eclipse Depth of the Super-Earth 55 Cancri e (Tamburo et al. 2018, AJ – Journal, astro-ph)
#268 Sep. 28 Amy Lebleu Where are all the aliens? SETI and the Fermi Paradox (“Dissolving the Fermi Paradox”, Sandberg et al. 2018, arXiv link)
#267 Sep. 21 Michael Himes Determining Exoplanetary Atmospheric Compositions and Potential Biosignatures Using Machine Learning
#266  Sep. 14 Katie McIntyre Detectability of Biosignatures in Anoxic Atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope: A TRAPPIST-1e Case Study (Krissansen-Totton et al. 2018, AJ – Journal, astro-ph)
#265  Sep. 7 Mary Hinkle Evidence for OH or H2O on the surface of 433 Eros and 1036 Ganymed (Rivkin et al. 2017, Icarus – astro-ph link)
#264   Aug. 31  Isabel Rivera Asteroid mining with small spacecraft and its economic feasibility (Calla et al. 2018)
Spring 2018
 #263   Apr. 20  Rob Wittenmyer (University of Southern Queensland) MINERVA: Driving a new golden age of exoplanetary science with small
#262  Apr. 13  Leos Pohl Resurfacing asteroids from YORP spin-up and failure (Graves et al. 2018)
#261  Apr. 6 Zoe Landsman Widespread distribution of OH/H2O on the lunar surface interred from spectral data (Bandfield et al. 2018)
   Mar. 30 No Meeting  
   Mar. 23 No Meeting LPSC week
   Mar. 16 No Meeting  Spring Break
#260  Mar. 9  Phil Metzger Measuring the Fidelity of Asteroid Regolith and Cobble Simulants (Metzger et al., 49th LPSC (2018), Poster abstract #2926)
#259  Mar. 2  Group discussion Thoughts about Astrobiology exploration of Ocean Worlds
#258  Feb. 23  Michael Himes Wide Aperture Exoplanet Telescope: a low-cost flat configuration for a 100+ meter ground based telescope (Monreal et al., 2018)
#257  Feb. 16  Anicia Arredondo Sublimation as a landform-shaping process on Pluto (Moore et al. 2017)
#256  Feb. 9 Erika Kohler (NASA, GSFC)  A Caustic Winter: Finding Snow on Venus
#255  Feb. 2  Yan Fernandez Strong CO+ and N+2 Emission in Comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS (Cochran & McKay 2018)
#254  Jan. 26 Althea Moorhead (NASA, MSFC)  Fireballs and meteor showers as seen by the NASA All Sky Fireball Network
#253  Jan. 19  Gal Sarid + freeform PSJC introduction and logistics + The next NASA New Frontiers mission(s)
Fall 2017
#252 Dec 1 Stephanie Grant The longevity of water ice on Ganymedes and Europas
around migrated giant planets (Lehmer et al. 2017)
  Nov 24 No meeting Thanksgiving
#251 Nov 17 Amy LeBleu-DeBartola Nature’s Starships: Observed Abundances and Relative Frequencies of
Amino Acids in Meteorites (Kobb & Pudritz 2014)
  Nov 10 No meeting Veteran’s Day
#250 Nov 3 Kevin Cannon Primordial clays on Mars
#249 Oct 27 Fran Bagenal
(University of Colorado, Boulder)
Exploration of the Outer Solar System:
New Horizons at Pluto and Juno at Jupiter
  Oct 20 No meeting DPS
#248 Oct 13 Jennifer Larson Impact-induced melting during accretion of the Earth
(de Vries et al. 2016)
#247 Oct 6 Mary Hinkle 2004 TT357: A potential contact binary in the Trans-Neptunian belt
(Thirouin, Sheppard & Noll 2017)
#246 Sep 29 Stephanie Jarmak  A Cubesat Centrifuge for Long Duration Milligravity Research
(Asphaug et al. 2017)
#245 Sep 22 Kathleen McIntyre Atmospheric Circulation and Cloud Evolution on the Highly Eccentric
Extrasolar Planet HD80606b (Lewis et al. 2017)
#244 Sep 15 Cancelled Post Hurricane Irma
#243 Sep 8 Cancelled Hurricane Irma
#242 Sep 1 Ryan Challener BiLinearly Interpolated Subpixel Sensitivity and Pixel-Level Decorrelation Applied to WASP-29b
#241 Aug 25 Gal Sarid PSJC introduction and logistics + Your favorite NASA New Frontiers theme
Spring 2017
#240 Apr 21 Wesley Chambers Winds measured by the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) during the MSL rover’s Bagnold Dunes Campaign
(Newmann et al. 2017, Icarus)
#239 Apr 14 Jennifer Larson New approaches to inferences for steep-sided domes on Venus
(Quick et al. 2016, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research)
#238 Apr 7 Tomas Kohout
(University of Helsinki)
Asteroid Spectral Imaging Mission (ASPECT) CubeSat
#237 Mar 31 Estela Fernández-Valenzuela
Physical properties of TNOs from photometry
  Mar 24 No Meeting No Meeting – LPSC 2017
  Mar 17 No Meeting Spring Break
#236 Mar 10 Charles Schambeau Analysis of Hubble Observations of Comet 29P/SW1 and Preparation of a Cycle 25 Hubble Proposal
#235 Mar 3 Phil Metzger Diviner radiometer measurements of lunar cooling curves
(Williams et al. 2017, Icarus)
#234 Feb 24 various Group presentation – Visiting prospective students
#233 Feb 17 Stephanie Jarmak Atmospheric Signatures of Giant Exoplanet Formation by Pebble Accretion
(Madhusudhan et al. 2016, astro-ph, arxiv)
#232 Feb 10 Humberto Campins Comet-Asteroid Transition Objects: Two Case Studies
#231 Feb 3 Julie Brisset The many mysteries of active asteroids
(Jewitt et al. 2015, Asteroids IV)
#230 Jan 27 Josh Colwell The mass and age of Saturn’s rings
#229 Jan 20 G. Sarid, D. Britt, Z. Landsman Overview of NASA’s newly-selected Discovery missions –
Psyche & Lucy
Fall 2016
#228 Dec 2 Akbar Whizin Surface and Dust Properties of Comets – 67P’s view
(Bentley et al., 2016, NatureRoll et al., 2016, Icarus)
#227 Nov 25 No meeting No meeting – Thanksgiving
#226 Nov 18 Ryan Challener Exploring biases of atmospheric retrievals in simulated
JWST transmission spectra (Rocchetto et al., 2016, astro-ph)
  Nov 11 No meeting No meeting – Veteran’s Day
#225 Nov 4 Stephanie Eckert Liquid Filled Canyons on Titan
(Poggiali et al., 2016, JGR, 43)
#224 Oct 28 Wesley Chambers Constraints on the Microphysics of Pluto’s Photochemical Haze
from New Horizons Observations (Gao et al., 2016, Icarus, In press)
  Oct 21 No meeting No meeting – DPS
#223 Oct 14 Leos Pohl Statistics of meteor showers
#222 Oct 7 Z. Landsman, A. Dove, J. Brisset, J. Crowell CLASS/SSERVI trip the AOGS conference in Beijing
#221 Sep 30 Dan Britt Geology of Iceland
#220 Sep 23 Stephanie Jarmak Failed Growth at the Bouncing Barrier in Planetesimal Formation
(Kruss et al., 2016, arXiv:1609.00501)
#219 Sep 16 Matthew Pasek
Phosphorus in Planet Formation
#218 Sep 9 Jurgen Blum
(TU Braunschweig)
The Regolith Story
#217 Sep 2 Gal Sarid Introduction, logistics, SpaceX’s exploding rocket
Spring 2016
#216 Apr 22 Leos Pohl Asteroid Update from LPSC
#215 Apr 15 Zoe Landsman Evidence for primordial water in Earth’s deep mantle
(Hallis et al., 2015, Science, 350, 6262, pp. 795-797)
#214 Apr 8 Andrew Foster Atmospheric, Orbital, and Eclipse Depth Analysis
of the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-30-WASP-51Ab
#213 Apr 1 Joe Donoghue Anthropocene for all
[Humans, anthropogenic change, and the Anthropocene (Braje & Erlandson 2013), The cost of living in the Anthropocene (Gillings & Hagan-Lawson 2014), Are Humans Now Overwhelming the Great Forces of Nature? (Steffen et al. 2007), Are we now living in the Anthropocene? (Zalasiewicz et al. 2008)]
#212 Mar 25 Stephanie Eckert Remote sensing evidence for an ancient carbon-bearing crust on Mercury
(Peplowski et al. 2016, Nature Geoscience)
#211 Mar 18 Gal Sarid New Horizons and the Pluto system:
Top new results
#210 Mar 4 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#209 Feb 26 Julie Brisset Studying planet formation on the ISS:
results of the NanoRocks experiment
#208 Feb 19 Stephanie Jarmak Moon Zoo citizen science project
(Bugiolacchi et al., 2016, Icaus)
#207 Feb 12 Jim Cooney The chirping of gravitational waves
#206 Feb 5 Joe Harrington et al. AAS 227 exoplanet showdown II
#205 Jan 29 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#204 Jan 22 Joe Harrington et al. AAS 227 exoplanet showdown
Fall 2015
#203 Dec 4 Phil Metzger 3D Additive Manufacturing in Space
  Nov 27 no meeting no meeting – Thanksgiving
#202 Nov 20 Sally Blumethal Formation of amino acids in Titan’s atmosphere
  Nov 13 no meeting DPS
#201 Nov 6 various Students Practice DPS presentations
 #200 Oct 30 Em Delarme A disintegrating minor planet transiting a white dwarf
#199 Oct 23 Ryan Challener Transmission spectrum of a cold gas giant
#198 Oct 16 (freeform) Discussion of strange Kepler signal and Cassini images
#197 Oct 9 (freeform) Discussion of recent discovery selections
#196 Oct 2 Andrew Foster Recent Salt Water Discovery on Mars
#195 Sep 25 Jenna Jones New Images and Science from New Horizons
#194 Sep 18 Wesley Chambers Research from NASA LaRC Summer Internship
#193 Sep 11 (freeform) Discussion of new results from New Horizons and Rosetta
#192 Sep 4 Leos Pohl Cross-country adventures and Free-form discussion
Spring 2015
#191 Apr 24 Eric Ford (PSU) Insights into Planet Formation
from the Architectures of Exoplanet Systems
#190 Apr 17 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#189 Apr 10 Jasmina Blecic False Positive Biosignatures in Exoplanetary Atmospheres
#188 Apr 3 Boris Galperin (USF) Anisotropic turbulence and zonal jets on giant planets,
in the ocean and in a laboratory
#187 Mar 27 Akbar Whizin Jupiter’s Decisive Role
in the Inner Solar System’s Early Evolution
#186 Mar 20 Patricio Cubillos Possible Role of GRBs on Life Extinction in the Universe
  Mar 13 no meeting spring break
#185 Mar 6 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#184 Feb 27 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#183 Feb 20
(PS 161)
Charles Schambeau Overview of the First Published Results from the Rosetta Mission
#182 Feb 13 Zoe Landsman Mars Methane Detection and Variability at Gale Crater
#181 Feb 6 Gal Sarid Things That Go Whack & Oomph in the Night:
Ideas about Collisional Processing
Near (Mercury’s Formation) and Far (Icy Planetoids)
#180 Jan 30 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#179 Jan 23 Basmah Riaz
Cometary Dust Composition Signatures
in Circum(sub)stellar Disks
#178 Jan 16 Daniel Angerhausen
Exoplanet Spectrophotometry
(from Ground-, Airborne- and Space-based Observatories)
Fall 2014
#177 Nov 21 Philip Metzger The Mystery of the Surveyor III Dust Deposits
  Nov 14 no meeting DPS
#176 Nov 7 various Preview of DPS Presentations
#175 Oct 31 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#174 Oct 24 Dan Durda (SwRI) More Results on Impacts, Cratering, and Debris
#173 Oct 17 Jenna Jones Perturbation of the Mars Atmosphere by
the Near-Collision with Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)
#172 Wed Oct 8
(11am, Room 445)
Kunio Sayanagi
(Hampton U.)
Hexagon and Polar Vortex: Observing Saturn’s
Northern High Latitudes from NASA’s Cassini Orbiter
#171 Oct 3
(Room 248)
(freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#170 Sep 26
(Room 248)
Yan Fernandez Comet 67P: Up Close and Personal
#169 Sep 19 Tracy Becker Plate Tectonics on Europa
#168 Sep 12 Julie Brisset Studying Planet Formation in Microgravity Experiments
#167 Sep 5 Vishnu Reddy (PSI) (Meet and Greet with Students)
Spring 2014
#166 Apr 18 Javier Licandro
Are Comets the Asteroids in
Cometary Orbits?
#165 Apr 11 Charles Schambeau The Nucleus of Comet 29P
#164 Apr 4 various Recent News: 

New Detached Object, Asteroidal Rings, CMB Polarization

#163 Mar 28 Thomas Statler
(UMd. & OU)
What Every Astronomer Should Understand About the NSF
#162 Mar 21 Jürgen Blum
(TU Braunschweig)
Comets Formed In Solar-Nebula
#161 Mar 14 Mehmet Yesiltas The Sutter’s Mill Meteorite
  Mar 7 no meeting spring break
  Feb 28 no meeting event cancelled
#160 Feb 21 Ellen Howell
(Arecibo Obs.)
Radar Observations of Asteroids
#159 Feb 14 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#158 Feb 7 Nate Lust Asteroid 2577 Litva
#157 Jan 31 Peter Brown (UWO) Global Airburst Detection
#156 Jan 24 various Water on Ceres
#155 Jan 17 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
Fall 2013
#154 Nov 22 Tracy Becker Plume Activity and
Tidal Stresses on Enceladus
#153 Nov 15 Patricio Cubillos A Rocky Composition
for an Earth-sized Exoplanet
#152 Nov 8 Akbar Whizin Stability of Satellites in
Closely Packed Planetary Systems
#151 Nov 1 Charles Schambeau Activity in Comet 67P
#150 Oct 25 Zoe Landsman The Taxonomic Distribution of Asteroids
from Multiyear All-Sky Photometric Surveys
#149 Oct 21
(freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
  Oct 11 no meeting DPS
#148 Oct 4 various Preview of DPS Presentations
#147 Sep 27 Catherine Neish (FIT) Radar Love: Mini-RF Observes the Moon
#146 Sep 20 Mehmet Yesiltas Infrared Imaging Micro-Spectroscopy of
Meteorites with High Spatial Resolution
#145 Sep 13
(BA1 212)
(freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#144 Sep 6 Dan Britt How many hurricanes are normal?
The Atlantic hurricane record for the past 5000 years
#143 Aug 30 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
Spring 2013
#142 Apr 19 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#141 Apr 11
(special day)
Geza Kovacs
(UND & Konkoly)
From Small Signals to Big Planets
#140 Apr 5 Nate Lust Traces of Ancient Lunar Water
#139 Mar 29 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#138 Mar 22 Phil Nicholson (Cornell) Saturn and Titan stellar and solar
occultations with Cassini-VIMS
#137 Mar 15
Emily Kramer Curiosity Finds Habitability
  Mar 8 no meeting spring break
#136 Mar 1 Peter Thomas (Cornell) Eggs in Space: The Mysterious
Ring Arc-Embedded Moons of Saturn
#135 Feb 22 Dan Britt The Chelyabinsk Event
  Feb 15 no meeting 2012 DA14 event
#134 Feb 8 Josh Colwell Of Horseshoes and Heliotropes:
Dynamics of Dust in the Encke Gap
#133 Feb 1 Ashley Espy Kehoe Constraining the cometary flux through the asteroid belt
during the late heavy bombardment
#132 Jan 25 George Hatcher Albedo and atmospheric constraints of dwarf
planet Makemake from a stellar occultation
#131 Jan 18 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
Fall 2012
#130 Nov 30 William Reach (SOFIA) SMOG Check for Comets
  Nov 23 no meeting holiday
#129 Nov 16 Adrienne Dove The Origin of Phobos Grooves from Ejecta Launched
From Impact Craters on Mars: Tests of the Hypothesis
#128 Nov 9 Akbar Whizin On the Formation of the Martian Moons
From a Circum-Martian Accretion Disk
#127 Nov 2 various Highlights from DPS, Part II
#126 Oct 26
in PS248
various Highlights from DPS
  Oct 19 no meeting DPS
#125 Oct 12 various Preview of DPS Presentations
#124 Oct 5 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#123 Sep 28 Laura Seward Follow Your Curiosity
#122 Sep 21 Jarrad Pond Impacts on Jupiter
#121 Sep 14 Kelsey Hargrove Irradiation of Astronomical Ices
#120 Sep 7 Tracy Becker SHAPE Modeling of First Triple NEA 2001 SN263
#119 Aug 31 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
Spring 2012
#118 Apr 20 Nate Lust A Thermodynamic and Mechanical Model for
Formation of the Solar System via 3-Dimensional
Collapse of the Dusty Pre-solar Nebula
#117 Apr 13 Todd Bradley Recent Results on Grains
#116 Apr 6 Patricio Cubillos Direct imaging of the planetary system HR 8799
#115 Mar 30 Jasmina Blecic Modeling Exoplanetary Atmospheres
#114 Mar 28 Drake Deming (UMd) Transiting Exoplanets: From Kepler to TESS
#113 Mar 27 Adrienne Dove (CU) Experimental investigations of lunar plasma and dust dynamics
#112 Mar 23 Travis Gabriel 21 Lutetia: The Rosetta Flyby
#111 Mar 16 Henry Hsieh (UH IfA) Activity in the Asteroid Belt:
Main-Belt Comets and Disrupted Asteroids
  Mar 9 no meeting spring break
#110 Mar 2 Jarrad Pond 3D Simulations of Pillars Formation around HII Regions:
The Importance of Shock Curvature
#109 Feb 24 Noemi Rebeli Life & Light: Exotic Photosynthesis in
Binary and Multiple Star Systems
#108 Feb 17 Amanda Hendrix (JPL) Saturn’s Icy Moons: Understanding
the Effects of Exogenic Processes
#107 Feb 10 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#106 Feb 3 Jason Steffen (Fermilab) Cosmology Results from Kepler
#105 Jan 27 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#104 Jan 20 Humberto Campins Origin of Spacecraft-Accessible Near-Earth Asteroids
Fall 2011
#103 Nov 30 Mehmet Yesiltas Laboratory Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Terrestrial Phyllosilicates
to Support Planetary and Astronomical Remote Sensing
  Nov 23 no meeting holiday creep
#102 Nov 16 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#101 Nov 9 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#100 Nov 2 various Highlights from DPS, Part III
#99 Oct 26 Emily Kramer & 

Humberto Campins

Highlights from DPS, Part II
#98 Oct 19 Emily Kramer Highlights from DPS
#97 Oct 12 Akbar Whizin Ocean-like Water in the Jupiter-family Comet 103P/Hartley 2
  Oct 5 no meeting DPS
#96 Sep 28 various Preview of DPS presentations
#95 Sep 21 Laura Seward Plutonium for Peaceful Planetary Purposes
#94 Sep 14 Tracy Becker Formation of the Lunar Farside Highlnads
#93 Sep 7 Eric Robinett Recent Results from the Hayabusa Sample Return
#92 Aug 31 Yan Fernandez A Trojan for Earth, 2010 TK7
Spring 2011
#91 Apr 22 Stan Peale (UCSB) The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury
#90 Apr 15 Jarrad Pond Impacts on Jupiter: Past and Present
#89 Apr 8 Jonathan Fortney (UCSC) Exoplanets
#88 Apr 1 Bob Macke Chondrites as Samples of Differentiated Planetesimals
#87 Mar 25 Eduardo Martín Inflated Hot Jupiters Do Not Require Inflated Physics
#86 Mar 18 Jim Cooney A Candidate Redshift z=10 Galaxy
  Mar 11 no meeting spring break
#85 Mar 4 Rob French (SETI) Cupid is Doomed: The Instability of the Inner Uranian Satellites
#84 Feb 25 Kelsey Hargrove On the Puzzle of Space Weathering
Alteration of Basaltic Asteroids
#83 Feb 18 Jasmina Blecic Planetary Magnetospheres and Aurorae
#82 Feb 11 Robert Peale Far-IR Spectroscopy of Moon-Relevant Minerals
#81 Feb 4 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#80 Jan 28 Jessica Sunshine (U-Md) Water on the Surface of the Moon
#79 Jan 21 Bryce Bolin The Protoplanetary Disk Around the M4 Star RECX 5
Fall 2010
#78 Dec 3 Mitch Gordon (SETI) What’s New with PDS
  Nov 26 no meeting holiday
#77 Nov 19 Emily Kramer Encounter with Comet Hartley 2
#76 Nov 12 Kevin Baillie The Occurence and Mass Distribution of Close-in
Super-Earths, Neptunes, and Jupiters
#75 Nov 5 Kevin Stevenson GJ 581g: Earth 2.0?
  Oct 29 no meeting go to Star Formation Day instead
#74 Oct 22
Laura Seward Ganymede Interior, Surface, and Magnetosphere Observer
#73 Oct 15
Bryce Bolin On the Origin of South Polar Folds on Enceladus
  Oct 8 no meeting DPS
#72 Oct 1
various Preview of DPS presentations
#71 Sep 22 Eduardo Martín Science with the GTC
#70 Sep 17 Dave Jewitt (UCLA) Three Freaks of the Solar System (And Why They Matter)
#69 Sep 10 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#68 Sep 3 Humberto Campins The Main-Belt Origin of NEA 1999 RQ36, and
More Ice and Organics on Asteroids: 65 Cybele
#67 Aug 27 Bryce Bolin Geology of the Selk crater region
on Titan from Cassini VIMS observations
Spring 2010
#66 Apr 23 Bob Macke Characterization of Meteorite Structure and Porosity
#65 Apr 16 Rachel Stevenson (UCLA) The Aftermath of the Comet Holmes Outburst
  Apr 9 no meeting distinguished speaker meeting preempts
#64 Apr 5 Hannah Jang-Condell (UMd) Catching Planet Formation in the Act:
Connecting Protoplanetary Disk Theory to Observations
#63 Apr 2 Ryan Hardy On the Orbit of Exoplanet WASP-12b
#62 Mar 26 Nate Lust Compressed sensing
#61 Mar 19 Akbar Whizin Stable and habitable systems with two giant planets
  Mar 12 no meeting spring break
#60 Mar 5 Florian Rodler (IAC) The Search for Planets Around Low-Mass Stars:
An Introduction to Radial Velocity Technique
in the Near-Infrared
#59 Feb 26 Patricio Cubillos An Infrared Spectroscopic Search of the Exoplanet HD 217107b
#58 Feb 19 Mercedes López-Morales 


Ground-based Studies of Exoplanet Atmospheres
  Feb 12 no meeting program review preempts
#57 Feb 5 Phil Chamberlin (GSFC) The Solar Dynamics Observatory, Studying the Sun
and its Influence on Other Bodies in the Solar System
#56 Jan 29 Robert French (SETI) The Brightening of Saturn’s F Ring
#55 Jan 22 Emily Kramer 2008 TC3, A Small Object that May Help
to Answer Big Questions
#54 Jan 15 Bryce Bolin Detectability of Oort cloud objects using Kepler
Fall 2009
#53 Dec 4 Ashely Espy (UF) Dynamics of Asteroidal Structure in the Zodiacal Cloud
  Nov 27 no meeting holiday
  Nov 20 no meeting schedule conflict
#52 Nov 13 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#51 Nov 6 Richard Eastes The short-term relationship between solar soft
X-ray irradiances and equatorial total electron content (TEC)
#50 Oct 30 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#49 Oct 23 Mark Swain (JPL) Exoplanet Spectroscopy: a bright present, a brilliant future
#48 Oct 16 Stuart Pilorz (SETI) Thermal Emission from Saturn Ring Particles
  Oct 9 no meeting DPS
#47 Oct 2 various UCF Presentations at DPS
#46 Sep 25 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#45 Sep 18 Dan Britt The Dar al Gani Meteorite Field
#44 Sep 11 Bob Macke Enstatite Chondrite Physical Properties
#43 Sep 4 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#42 Aug 28 Josh Colwell Science in a Suborbital Program
Spring 2009
#41 Apr 22 Nate Lust Significance Analysis of Asteroid Pairs
#40 Apr 15 Emily Kramer Infrared Studies of Cometary Gas
#39 Apr 8 Richard Eastes The Global-scale Observations of
the Limb and Disk (GOLD) Mission
#38 Apr 1 Eduardo Martin A Concept for an M Dwarf Planet Hunter
#37 Mar 25 Rohit Deshpande Lithium: A Litmus Test for Brown Dwarfs
#36 Mar 18 Yan Fernandez Some Unsolved Problems in Comets
  Mar 11 no meeting spring break
#35 Mar 4 Kevin Baillie Did Saturn’s rings form during the Late Heavy Bombardment?
#34 Feb 25 various How to Write, Read, and Judge an Observing Proposal
#33 Feb 18 Adam Burgasser (MIT) The Brown Dwarf-Exoplanet Connection
#32 Feb 11 Dan Britt Porosity in Asteroids
#31 Feb 4 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#30 Jan 28 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#29 Jan 21 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#28 Jan 14 Csaba Palotai Precipitation
Fall 2008
#27 Dec 1 Yan Fernandez Spins of Small MBAs
#26 Nov 17 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#25 Nov 10 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#24 Nov 3 Kelsey Hargrove Spectra in Spain
#23 Oct 27 Florian Rodler (IAC) The Search for Starlight Reflected from Hot Jupiters
#22 Oct 20 Michael Kelley Gemini Mid-IR Polarimetry of NGC 1068:
Polarized Structures around the Nucleus
  Oct 13 no meeting DPS
#21 Oct 6 Kevin Stevenson Secondary Eclipse Photometry of GJ 436b
in Six Spitzer Channels
#20 Sep 29 Jim Cooney Cosmology and the LHC
#19 Sep 22 Bob Macke What I Did on My Summer Vacation
#18 Sep 15 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#17 Sep 8 Joe Harrington Photometry and Spectroscopy of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Spring 2008
#16 May 21 Kelsey Hargrove Infrared Spectra of Comet-Asteroid Transition Object
944 Hidalgo
#15 Apr 23 Nicolas Lodieu (IAC) UKIDSS Discoveries of Brown Dwarfs in
the Upper Sco OB Association and the Pleiades Cluster
#14 Apr 16 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
#13 Apr 9 Kevin Stevenson Pulsation Velocity Curves of Cepheid Variables
#12 Apr 2 Bob Macke Pre-Solar Grains in Meteorite Matrix
#11 Mar 26 Todd Bradley Mercury Exospheric and Surface Spectral Measurements
#10 Mar 19 (freeform) (An open discussion of various current topics)
  Mar 12 no meeting spring break
#9 Mar 5 Yan Fernandez Shiny Trojans
#8 Feb 27 Nate Lust Old Observatory; New Technologies
#7 Feb 20 Josh Colwell Saturn’s Small Inner Satellites.
The Equatorial Ridges of Pan an Atlas
#6 Feb 13 Jim Cooney Measuring CMB Anisotropies:
WMAP Results and Planck Goals
#5 Feb 6 Mike Kelley Chondrule Formation and Early Solar System Mixing, or,
Why Did STARDUST Return So Little Star Dust?
#4 Jan 30 Jonathan Langton (UCSC) Atmospheric Dynamics on Unevenly Irradiated Jovian Planets
#3 Jan 23 Dan Britt Orbital Forcing and Global Climate
#2 Jan 16 Humberto Campins Marco Polo Mission and Proposed Work
#1 Jan 9 Joe Harrington A Painless (but Quantitative) Introduction
to Wavelets, with Planetary Examples


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