Kathleen McIntyre

Katie McIntyre Headshot

Graduate Student

Advisor: Harrington

PhD Physics: Planetary Sciences



Research Groups


Kathleen McIntyre is currently a Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida.

Authors Title Published Date Journal
Harrington, Joseph; Himes, Michael D.; Cubillos, Patricio E.; and 14 coauthors An Open-source Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code. I. Design, Tests, and Application to Exoplanet HD 189733b Apr 2022 The Planetary Science Journal 3, 80
Spiers, Elizabeth M.; Weber, Jessica M.; Venigalla, Chandrakanth; and 19 coauthors Tiger: Concept Study for a New Frontiers Enceladus Habitability Mission Oct 2021 The Planetary Science Journal 2, 195
Challener, Ryan C.; Harrington, Joseph; Jenkins, James; and 17 coauthors Identification and Mitigation of a Vibrational Telescope Systematic with Application to Spitzer Feb 2021 The Planetary Science Journal 2, 9