AST 6165 Planetary Atmospheres

Planetary Atmospheres

This course is offered in even-numbered years during the Spring semester (e.g., 2024, 2026). 

Planetary Atmospheres (AST 6165) introduces the physical and chemical processes that govern planetary atmospheres and is a required course in the Planetary Sciences Track of the Physics PhD.  Students should be comfortable with high school and college mathematics, including both differential and integral calculus and ordinary differential equations. There will be a smaller amount of computer programming so students should be proficient in a relevant language (e.g. Python, MATLAB, IDL, C, Fortran).

AST 6165 uses a standard meteorology text, supplemented by additional materials from other sources. In addition to homework, a midterm and a final, students will write a short scientific report and present the material to the class. 

(For a sample of course material from spring 2020, when the course was taught by Prof. Harrington, check here).