AST 6165 Planetary Atmospheres

This course is offered in even Springs (e.g., 2022, 2024).  It is taught by Prof. Harrington.

Here are the class files, including syllabus, other handouts, lecture notes, and homework assignments.

AST 5165 is a solid introduction to the physics of planetary atmospheres and is a required course in the Planetary Sciences Track of the Physics PhD.  The class builds mainly on undergraduate mechanics and differential equations, with some input from quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.  There is a small amount of computer programming that cannot easily be done in a spreadsheet.  If you are interested in quantitative research in atmospheric processes or radiative transfer, at UCF or elsewhere, this class is for you.   Students seeking a more descriptive coverage of Earth’s atmosphere and current topics related to it (or who are not fully comfortable with the physics and mathematics upon which the class is based) should consider taking MET 2104 The Earth’s Climate, taught by Prof. Britt, also of the Planetary Sciences Group in the Physics Department.

AST 5165 uses a basic meteorology text, supplemented with readings from the planetary literature.  Each student does two reports and presents them to the class, along with homework, a midterm, and a final.  It is accessible to undergrads who are self-motivated and have the prereqs.  Almost all our planetary grads have taken it, so ask them about the work load.  Direct questions to Dr. Harrington.