Asteroids and Comets - unlocking the secrets of the early solar system.

Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets - characterization of L and T dwarfs and binaries, and search for planets around Brown Dwarf

Dust Dynamics - how does it move?  Where does it come from and go?  What concerns are there to missions to dusty places like the Moon and asteroids?

Exoplanet Measurement - determining properties of planets orbiting stars other than our own sun.

Laboratory Astrophysics - spectroscopic studies of astrophysical dust analogs and constituents of planetary atmospheres.

Laboratory Surface Measurements - spectroscopic investigations of solar-system bodies.

Planetesimal Formation - studying the formation of planetesimals through experiments and numerical simulations.

Jovian Impacts - building the first self-consistent, 3D computer model of all phases of the event.

Saturn's Rings - structure, dynamics of the rings using Cassini's UVIS data and simulations.

Small Bodies and Mars - meteors, asteroid satellites, radiometric calibration on Mars and the Moon comets.