Who We Are

The UCF Planetary Sciences Group uses spacecraft data, images from the world’s most powerful telescopes, meteorites and moon rocks, and supercomputer calculations to investigate fundamental questions like these:

  • How did our solar system form?
  • What do the surfaces of other worlds tell us about their history?
  • What happens when a comet hits a planet?
  • Are there any other planetary systems like ours?
  • Are we alone?

Interested in learning more about our personnel or how you might go about joining our group? Check out our “People” and “Join Us” pages!
If it has anything to do with planets, it’s in scope!

The UCF Planetary Sciences Group is part of the Department of Physics. The Physics PhD includes a Planetary Sciences Track with a core, qualifier, and thesis designed to give both a broad background in all of the planetary sciences and plenty of hands-on research experience. The Bachelor of Science in Physics includes an Astronomy Specialization, and majors in other departments can minor in Astronomy. We teach about 3500 introductory astronomy students per year in UCF’s general education program.

Founded in 2002, the Group currently includes six professors, several instructors, a self-funded soft-money researcher, two postdoctoral-level research staff, several research support staff, about half a dozen graduate students, and numerous undergraduate research assistants. The group is growing and well funded. We are always interested in hearing from prospective undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, soft-money researchers, instructors, and faculty. Specific opportunities that are available today are on our Jobs pages.

If you are an astronomer or planetary scientist visiting central Florida, please drop by for a visit, either for informal discussion or to give a seminar or colloquium. If you are coming to view a launch,we recommend scheduling your talk before the nominal launch date so that launch delays do not create a conflict with your visit to UCF.


About This Site

This site runs on WordPress. It was designed by Alexandra Guffey, with content provided by members of the UCF Planetary Sciences Group.  We welcome your feedback on all aspects of the site; email planets@ucf.edu.

Unless otherwise stated, campus photographs and site artwork are by Teresa Jeffcott. Images of Saturn and its moons on the front page are credited to NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. Concept images of exoplanets are from artists at the Spitzer Space Telescope Science Center.