How to Add People and Profiles

There are two steps to adding yourself onto the PSG site: adding your profile to the Current Members page and creating your personal profile page. Your profile on the People pages appear as an individual and link to your personal profile page. Both will need to be created separately.

Adding a new person to the Current Members page:

  1. On the sidebar menu after you log in, you will see a link on the sidebar entitled People. Hover over this link and select Add New.
  2. This page has all the options you can have under your name. Required items have a red star.
    1. The first two boxes are Title and Name. These are both your full name.
    2. Some items determine filter options and other determine what will appear under your name. For example, we can look at Dr. Christopher Bennett’s profile. Underneath his name, he has four fields filled in: Primary Title, Location, Phone Number, and Email.
    3. Fields that can appear under your name include: Primary Title, Adviser (for students), Location, Phone, Email, On-site Profile Link, Off-site Profile Link, Research Topics, Research Link, and Personal Website. Fields that are not filled out will not appear under your name. It is important that you only fill out the most important ones. Having too much information under your name can stretch the page and make the formatting look poor.
    4. Fields that determine filter options are Person Type and Other Filters. If you believe there should be more entries under Other Filters please contact one of the web or content administrators.

Creating your Personal Profile:

  1. On the sidebar, after you log in, select Add New under Pages.
  2. On the Add New page fill out the following options:

    1. In the top field enter your name.
    2. Under Page Attributes select the parent as what it would fall under. So if the person is faculty, select faculty. If the person is researcher, select researcher.
    3. Select the template named “Profile Template.”
  3. After you select the Profile Template, you will see a new boxes with options. The boxes with a red star are required.
    1.  There are two different places that content appears, beside your picture and inside the tabs.
    2. The content that appears beside your picture are: Position, Location, Phone, Email, CV, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may fill in as many or as little of these as you want.
    3. The tab boxes are the large boxes. All are optional except for the biography tab. In the tabs, HTML is allowed. If you would like to learn how to use basic HTML to make text bold or make links, this is a great tutorial.
    4. For example, we can look at Dr. Humberto Campins profile. Next to his picture, he has filled out Location, Phone Number, and Email. Below his picture, he has three tabs filled in: Biography, Research, and Publications.
  4. Once you have finished creating your profile, click Publish. If you would like to save your progress and come back later, click Save Draft.
  5. After you have created your profile, you will still need to link it on the People page. Follow the instructions above to add yourself to the People page. Once you have completed that, copy the URL to your profile page and add it to the “Profile Link” box.