How to Add New Research

Adding new research topic to the Research page is a little special compared to other pages.

  1. Before adding a research topic to the page, be sure to make a page for your research first. To learn how to do so, read here. You can see an example here.
    1. When you are editting the page, there should be a page attributes box on the side. Go to the Parent dropdown and select Research. This will “nest” your page to research.
  2. Once you have completed this, go to the sidebar and select “Add New” under Research.
  3. You will be greeted with a page that allows you to define the Name, Photo, Description for underneath, and a dropdown that allows you to select the page it links to.
  4. When you select the Publish button on the side, it will be added to the Research page.
  5. If you wish to reorder the research topics on the research page, go again to the sidebar and select Research > All Researcher. On this page you can drop and drop them into order.