Planetary Seminar/Journal Club

Planetary Science Journal Club seminar series is back on!

Meetings are conducted on Fridays at 10-11 AM in Room 445 of the PS building (building 121).

If you cannot attend, anyone can connect remotely through adobe connect here:

At our seminar series, everyone is welcome to bring food items and/or snacks and participate. The meetings last about 45 minutes, and are very informal. There will either be a research seminar or (preferably) a journal club.

A General list of topics to be covered can be found here.

Please contact the organizer(s), Gal Sarid (gal.sarid at or Leos Pohl ( if you have questions or would like to give a talk.
Visit the archive page for this seminar series to see a list of speakers in past semesters, and some statistics on who has given talks.


Spring 2017
# Date Who What
#240 Apr. 21 Wesley Chambers TBD
#239 Apr. 14 Jennifer Larson TBD
#238 Apr. 7 Kathleen McIntyre TBD
#237 Mar. 31 Estela Fernández-Valenzuela
(IAC, Spain)
What’s the centaur Bienor hiding in its photometric behavior?
Mar. 24 No Meeting No Meeting – LPSC 2017
Mar. 17 No Meeting Spring Break
#236 Mar. 10 Charles Schambeau Analysis of Hubble Observations of Comet 29P/SW1 and Preparation of a Cycle 25 Hubble Proposal
#235 Mar. 3 Phil Metzger Diviner radiometer measurements of lunar cooling curves
(Williams et al. 2017, Icarus)
#234 Feb. 24 Faculty Group presentation – Visiting prospective students
#233 Feb. 17 Stephanie Jarmak Atmospheric Signatures of Giant Exoplanet Formation by Pebble Accretion
(Madhusudhan et al. 2016, astro-ph, arxiv)
#232 Feb. 10 Humberto Campins Comet-Asteroid Transition Objects: Two Case Studies
#231 Feb. 3 Jullie Brisset The many mysteries of active asteroids
(Jewitt et al. 2015, Asteroids IV)
#230 Jan. 27 Josh Colwell The mass and age of Saturn’s rings
#229 Jan. 20 G. Sarid, D. Britt, Z. Landsman

Overview of NASA’s newly-selected Discovery missions –
Psyche & Lucy