Planetary Seminar / Journal Club

Planetary Science Journal Club seminar series is back on!

Meetings are conducted on Fridays at 11:30 – 12:30 in Zoom (see email for connection details) and Room 433 of the PS building (building 121).

At our seminar series, everyone is welcome to bring food items and/or snacks and participate. The meetings last about 45 minutes, and are very informal. There will either be a research seminar or (preferably) a journal club.

A general list of topics and ground rules can be found here.

Please contact the organizer(s), Autumn Shackelford (A.Shackelford at or Theodora Karalidi (tkaralidi at if you have questions or would like to give a talk.
Visit the archive page for this seminar series to see a list of speakers in past semesters, and some statistics on who has given talks.



Spring 2022
# Date Who What
#377 4/22 Karl Slumba &

Nick Piskurich

Ammonium salts are a reservoir of nitrogen on a cometary nucleus and possibly on some asteroids &

Lunar-like silicate material forms the Earth quasi-satellite (469219) 2016 HO3 Kamoʻoalewa

#376 4/15 ——
#375 4/8 Peter Braunschweig Detectability of CFCs as technosignatures
#374 4/1 Autumn Shackelford &

Kayla Schang

Carbon on Mercury (p1 & p2) &

Habitat Design for Long Term Lunar Exploration: Benefits and Concerns with ISRU Materials and Regolith-based Construction Methods

#373 3/25 ——– no PSJC
#372 3/18 Brittany Harvison &

Max Galloway

Life detection, exoplanets, and the Copernican principle &

A Snowball in Hell: The Potential Steam Atmosphere of TOI-1266c

#371 3/11 ———  LPSC week
#370 3/4 everyone interested LPSC Practice Talks
#369 2/25 Kerri Donaldson Hanna Analyses of lunar samples returned by Chang’E 5 mission (p1 and p2)
#368 2/18 Genevieve Markees An exomoon survey of 70 cool giant exoplanets and the new candidate Kepler-1708 b-i
#367 2/11 Anish Roshi Arecibo-Green Bank-LOFAR Carbon Radio Recombination Line observations toward cold HI Clouds
#366 2/4 Christina Moraitis The Art of Combining Light with OPA- the Original PolyOculus Array
#365 1/28 —– no PSJC
#364 1/21 Dale Cruikshank Ices, Organics, and Cryovolcanism in the Outer Solar System
#363 1/14 everyone JWST and other news