Planetary Seminar/Journal Club

Planetary Science Journal Club seminar series is back on!

Meetings are conducted on Fridays at 12-1 PM in Room 445 of the PS building (building 121).

If you cannot attend, anyone can connect remotely through adobe connect here:

At our seminar series, everyone is welcome to bring food items and/or snacks and participate. The meetings last about 45 minutes, and are very informal. There will either be a research seminar or (preferably) a journal club.

A General list of topics to be covered can be found here.

Please contact the organizer(s), Gal Sarid (gal.sarid at if you have questions or would like to give a talk.
Visit the archive page for this seminar series to see a list of speakers in past semesters, and some statistics on who has given talks.


Fall 2017
# Date Who What
#252 Dec. 1 Stephanie Grant (nee Eckert)  TBD
Nov. 24 No meeting  Thanksgiving
#251 Nov. 17 Anicia Arredondo  TBD
Nov. 10 No meeting  Veteran’s Day
#250 Nov. 3 Kevin Cannon Primordial clays on Mars
#249 Oct. 27 Fran Bagenal

(University of Colorado, Boulder)

Oct. 20 No meeting  DPS
#248 Oct. 13  Jennifer Larson Impact-induced melting during accretion of the Earth

(de Vries et al. 2016, PEPS – arXiv link)

#247 Oct. 6  Mary Hinkle  2004 TT357: A potential contact binary in the Trans-Neptunian belt

(Thirouin, Sheppard & Noll 2017 – arXiv link)

#246 Sep. 29 Stephanie Jarmak  A Cubesat Centrifuge for Long Duration Milligravity Research

(Asphaug et al. NPJ Microgravity 2017 – arXiv link)

#245 Sep. 22 Kathleen McIntyre Atmospheric Circulation and Cloud Evolution on the Highly Eccentric Extrasolar Planet HD80606b

(Lewis et al. 2017 – arXiv link)

#244 Sep. 15 Cancelled Post Hurricane Irma
#243 Sep. 8 Cancelled Hurricane Irma
#242 Sep. 1 Ryan Challener BiLinearly Interpolated Subpixel Sensitivity and Pixel-Level Decorrelation Applied to WASP-29b
#241 Aug. 25 Gal Sarid (+freeform)

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