Planetary Seminar/Journal Club

Planetary Science Journal Club seminar series is back on!

Meetings are conducted on Fridays at 11:30 – 12:30 in Room 445 of the PS building (building 121).

If you cannot attend, anyone can connect remotely through adobe connect here:

At our seminar series, everyone is welcome to bring food items and/or snacks and participate. The meetings last about 45 minutes, and are very informal. There will either be a research seminar or (preferably) a journal club.

A General list of topics to be covered can be found here.

Please contact the organizer(s), Gal Sarid (gal.sarid at or Kathleen McIntyre (kmcintyre at if you have questions or would like to give a talk.
Visit the archive page for this seminar series to see a list of speakers in past semesters, and some statistics on who has given talks.


Spring 2018
# Date Who What
#264  Apr. 20  Jack Lissauer (NASA, ARC)  Transiting Planets from Kepler, K2 & TESS
#263  Apr. 13  Leos Pohl  TBD
#262  Apr. 6  Zoe Landsman  TBD (@FSI seminar room 209)
#261  Mar. 30  No Meeting
 Mar. 23  No Meeting  LPSC week
 Mar. 16  No Meeting  Spring Break
#260  Mar. 9  Phil Metzger Measuring the Fidelity of Asteroid Regolith and Cobble Simulants

(Metzger et al., 49th LPSC (2018), Poster abstract #2926)

#259  Mar. 2  Group discussion Thoughts about Astrobiology exploration of Ocean Worlds
#258  Feb. 23  Michael Himes Wide Aperture Exoplanet Telescope: a low-cost flat configuration for a 100+ meter ground based telescope

(Monreal et al., 2018)

#257  Feb. 16  Anicia Arredondo Sublimation as a landform-shaping process on Pluto

(Moore et al. 2017)

#256  Feb. 9  Erika Kohler


 A Caustic Winter: Finding Snow on Venus
#255  Feb. 2  Yan Fernandez  Strong CO+ and N+2 Emission in Comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS)

(Cochran & McKay 2018)

#254  Jan. 26  Althea Moorhead


 Fireballs and meteor showers as seen by the NASA All Sky Fireball Network
#253  Jan. 19  Gal Sarid + freeform  PSJC introduction and logistics +

The next NASA New Frontiers mission(s) ?