Planetary Seminar / Journal Club

Planetary Science Journal Club seminar series is back on!

Meetings are conducted on Fridays at 11:00 – 12:00 in Room 445 of the PS building (building 121).

If you cannot attend, anyone can connect remotely through adobe connect here:

At our seminar series, everyone is welcome to bring food items and/or snacks and participate. The meetings last about 45 minutes, and are very informal. There will either be a research seminar or (preferably) a journal club.

A general list of topics and ground rules can be found here.

Please contact the organizer(s), Gal Sarid (gal.sarid at or Stephanie Jarmak (jarmak at if you have questions or would like to give a talk.
Visit the archive page for this seminar series to see a list of speakers in past semesters, and some statistics on who has given talks.


Fall 2018
# Date Who What
#277 Nov. 30  Julie Brisset  TBD
#276 Nov. 23  No meeting Thanksgiving
#275 Nov. 16  Stephanie Jarmak  QUEST: A JPL/NASA Planetary Science Summer Seminar Uranus Orbiter Mission Concept
#274 Nov. 9  Everybody (Addie Dove lead)  Discussion with graduate students
#273 Nov. 2  Anicia Arredondo  Composition of Pluto’s small satellites: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images (Cook et al. 2018, Icarus – Journal)
#272 Oct. 26  No meeting DPS Meeting
#271 Oct. 19  Group  DPS: Oral and Poster presentation preparation
#270 Oct. 12  Stephanie Eckert  Tectonic patterns of shortening landforms in Mercury’s northern smooth plains (Crane & Klimczak 2019, Icarus – Journal)
#269 Oct. 5  Ryan Challener Confirming Variability in the Secondary Eclipse Depth of the Super-Earth 55 Cancri e (Tamburo et al. 2018, AJ – Journal, astro-ph)
#268 Sep. 28  Amy Lebleu Where are all the aliens? SETI and the Fermi Paradox (“Dissolving the Fermi Paradox”, Sandberg et al. 2018, arXiv link)
#267 Sep. 21  Michael Himes Determining Exoplanetary Atmospheric Compositions and Potential Biosignatures Using Machine Learning
#266  Sep. 14  Katie McIntyre Detectability of Biosignatures in Anoxic Atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope: A TRAPPIST-1e Case Study (Krissansen-Totton et al. 2018, AJ – Journal, astro-ph)
#265  Sep. 7  Mary Hinkle  Evidence for OH or H2O on the surface of 433 Eros and 1036 Ganymed (Rivkin et al. 2017, Icarus – astro-ph link)
#264  Aug. 31  Isabel Rivera  Asteroid mining with small spacecraft and its economic feasibility (Calla et al. 2018)