Adrienne Dove

Dr. Adrienne (Addie) Dove is a planetary scientist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Central Florida (UCF). She received her BS in Physics from the University of Missouri in 2006, and her PhD in Astrophysics and Planetary Science from the University of Colorado – Boulder in 2012. She is passionate about space and space exploration (both human and robotic) and educating people about science and exploration. In July, 2017, Dr. Dove was awarded the Susan Niebur Award Early Career Award by the NASA Solar System Exploration Virtual Research Institute (SSERVI) for her contributions to the science and exploration communities.
Dr. Dove has two main areas of research: studies of dust dynamics in planetary systems in order to understand planet and ring formation and dust processes on planetary surfaces; and studies of dust charging and plasma interactions with planetary and spacecraft surfaces. Understanding these phenomena is key to successful planetary exploration, both human and robotic. She explores these processes through experiments, both in the lab at UCF and on research flights that provide microgravity environments in which to conduct experiments (via parabolic aircraft, suborbital vehicles, the International Space Station, and CubeSats). She is currently involved in building two CubeSats, Q-PACE and SurfSat.