UCF Winter Workshop 2010: Exoplanets for Planetary Scientists

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A cross-disciplinary scientific workshop for exoplanetary researchers and students from both the stellar and planetary communities, this workshop features introductory reviews, regular oral and poster sessions with the latest research results, and plenty of scheduled time for interaction and collaboration.


2010-02-16 Save the date! Winter Workshop 2011: Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference to be held in the Pegasus Ballroom on the UCF main campus in Orlando from Monday February 28 – Wednesday March 2

2010-01-08  Downloadable tar.gz archives with the handouts, presentations, and materials are available.

2010-01-06 Join the Facebook group!

2010-01-06 Welcome to the Workshop! Downloadable materials for the various sessions are listed beneath the corresponding sessions at the Scientific Program page.

2010-01-04 Happy New Year!  Doors open 8:00 am Wednesday, 8:30 Thursday and Friday.  Sessions start at 9:00.  Please allow time to register!  Pastries and drinks will be available each day before the sessions.  We will post the full schedule of talks and sessions this evening.  If you have questions, please see the FAQ page.  If you still have questions, we will respond fastest if you email winterworkshop@physics.ucf.edu and not any particular organizer.

2009-12-22 Parking permits now available at the Transportation page.

2009-12-21 General abstract submission is now closed.  You may update an existing abstract until Sunday 3 January 2010.

2009-11-17 Jeff Valenti of Space Telescope Science Institute will lead the session on stars.

2009-11-20 We are still accepting abstracts!

2009-11-16 Ball Aerospace is generously sponsoring the Winter Workshop, and will be sending several participants.  Thanks!  We are still accepting sponsorships to fund our travel grant program, and more invited speakers.

2009-10-17 Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institute, to speak on “What is a Planet?”

2009-10-17 Abstract deadline extended to 31 October 2009

2009-10-17 Name changed to “Winter Workshop” (“Winter School” was confusing people; this is for everyone, not just students).

2009-10-07 Eric Gaidos, U. Hawaii Geo. Dept., to lead terrestrial planets session

2009-09-18 Registration and abstract submission are open!

2009-09-17 Accomodations, transportation, and travel grant information added, much information updated.  Registration to open shortly.

2009-06      Venue selected.

Time and place:

Live Oak Room
Ferrell Commons
University of Central Florida Campus
Orlando, Florida
6-8 January 2010

Date Item
 Still acceptng abstracts  Abstract Deadline – now extended
through 31 October Early Bird Registration at $225
 through 18 November $30 cancellation fee
 through 20 December Regular Registration at $275
 after 20 December Late (and on-site) registration at $300
 through  1 January 50% cancellation fee (no refund after 1 January)


The dominant flux source in exoplanetary observations is not a planet but a star.  Exoplanetary science thus combines planetary theory with stellar techniques and instrumentation.  Researchers come from either planetary or stellar backgrounds, but need to understand both areas to become fully effective.  This cross-disciplinary meeting is an opportunity to present results to a broad audience of both planetary and stellar researchers, to network and collaborate between the two communities, and to begin learning the topics outside your background. There are three planetary theory sessions and three stellar observational sessions, each starting with a graduate-level introductory review by a recognized community leader.  The invited oral and contributed poster sessions showcase the latest results.  The scheduled interaction time lets students mingle with potential mentors, gives distant collaborators a chance to meet and work together, and helps everyone broaden their knowledge and network of contacts in both communities.  Are you…

  • an exoplanet researcher looking for a broad audience?
  • a student working on (or looking for) a thesis in exoplanets?
  • a project leader seeking students or collaborators?
  • a planetary scientist ready to dive into exoplanets?
  • a planet hunter needing to learn planetary physics?

Then join us for this warm Winter Workshop.

Registration is open.   This web site will always have the latest general information.  Email special inquiries to winterworkshop@physics.ucf.edu.

We hope to see you in January!

Joe Harrington, Program Chair
Csaba Palotai, Local Arrangements Chair
…and the entire UCF Planetary Sciences Group



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