Safety at Robinson Observatory

Visitors are reminded of the following items so that their visit to Robinson Observatory is a safe one. Accidents can happen at night when there are low-light conditions! So be careful!

  • Please don’t run, and watch your step both inside the building and outside on the lawn.
  • The front door is the only exit from the building, and the stairway is the only way down from the second floor.
  • There is a restroom in the building that is available for your use. If observatory staff are at the building entrance directing access, just let them know you need to use it.
  • We highly recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes here. Just like many other places in Florida, creatures here don’t always go to sleep at night! We have seen fire ants and snakes here on the lawn.
  • In case of fire, leave the building and the lawn, and gather across Ara Drive outside the Biology Field Research Center.
  • Telescopes and other equipment are expensive and delicate. Our staff will instruct you in these tools. Please only use the equipment as directed, and please don’t touch parts unnecessarily.
  • We use safety cones and barriers to keep people from tripping over cables and power cords. Please don’t go through or over such blockages.
  • While all ages are welcome to attend our events, minors must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or chaperone!
  • If there is an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency help from the UCF Police Department, call 407-823-5555. To contact the Student Escort Patrol Service (aka “SEPS”), call 407-823-2424. Note that there is no telephone in the observatory itself.

If you have any questions, talk to any staff member, or send email to