Graduate Students

We have several graduate students currently formally enrolled in the Planetary Science Track to the Physics Ph.D. program. We also have students in the regular Physics program but who are working on research projects with our planetary science faculty. All the students are listed below.

Alumni of our graduate program are listed at the bottom of this page.

Wondering what it's like to be a planetary-science grad student in our department? Check out these interviews with some current students!


who photo year in UCF Physics Dept. grad program (as of Spring '17) previous degrees advisor research topic

Janessa Buhler

(Physics program)

6th year   Dove  
Ryan Challener 3rd year BS - U. Rochester Harrington Measuring Exoplanets

Wesley Chambers

(Physics program)

4th year

Jenna Crowell

(Physics program)

7th year BS - Univ. Ark. Little Rock
Fernández Asteroid surface properties
Emerson DeLarme 3rd year BS & MS - RPI Harrington Measuring Exoplanets
Stephanie Eckert 2nd year BS - Furman U. Colwell Clumping and Fragmentation of Particles in Saturn’s Rings
George Hatcher 7th year

BS - Univ. Tennessee

MS - Univ. Tennessee

Colwell Experimental Studies of Collisions in the Protoplanetary Disk
Mary Hinkle 1st year BS - Agnes Scott Coll., MS - NAU Fernandez Asteroid surfaces
Stephanie Jarmak 2nd year BS - MIT, MS - TAMU Colwell Experimental and Numerical Studies of Planetesimal Formation
Richard Jerousek 4th year   Colwell Particle Size Distribution and Microstructures in Saturn’s Rings
Zoe Landsman 5th year BS - UCF Campins Asteroid properties
Jennifer Larson 1st year BS - Purdue Sarid  
Kathleen McIntyre 1st year BS - UF, MS - UND Harrington  
Leos Pohl 3rd year BS & MS - Charles U. Britt  

Charles Schambeau

5th year

BS - Univ. S. Alabama

MS - Univ. Alabama Hunstville

Fernández Comet thermal and structural properties


Alumni from our group:

No. Name Degree Field Year Advisor Current Position
1. Timothy Werhner M.S. Physics 2005 Britt  
2. Jimmy Davis M.S. Physics 2007 Britt  
3. Julie Ziffer Ph.D. Physics 2007 Campins Professor at Univ. Southern Maine
4. Ramarao Tata Ph.D. Physics 2009 Martín Postdoc at Inst. de Astrofísica de Canarias; Adjunct Prof. at Ohio Univ.
5. Rohit Deshpande Ph.D. Physics 2010 Martín Senior Data Scientist at GE Digital
6. Kathleen James M.S. Physics 2010 Colwell  
7. Robert Macke Ph.D. Physics 2010 Britt Curator of Meteorites at Vatican Observatory
8. Kevin Baillié Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2011 Colwell Postdoc at Paris Univ. VII
9. Jean-Marc Denis M.S. Physics 2012 Fernández  
10. Kevin Stevenson Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2012 Harrington Research Staff at STScI
11. Emily Kramer Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2014 Fernández Postdoc at Caltech/JPL
12. Nathaniel Lust Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2014 Britt Research Staff at LSST
13. Kelsey Hargrove Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2015 Colwell

Teaching at Merrimack College

14. Jasmina Blecic Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2015 Harrington Postdoc at New York University Abu Dhabi
15. Patricio Cubillos Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2015 Harrington Postdoc at Austrian Academy of Sciences
16. Tracy Becker Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2016 Colwell Postdoc at SouthWest Research Institute
17. Akbar Whizin Ph.D. Physics, Planetary Sciences Track 2016 Colwell Postdoc at UCF